The all-new 2020 Mazda3 at Spinelli Mazda in Montreal

April 24 2019,

The all-new 2020 Mazda3 at Spinelli Mazda in Montreal
Discover the new 2020 Mazda3, to be released later this year! Come to Spinelli Mazda, your trusted Mazda dealership in Montreal!

The 2020 AWD Mazda3 is one of the best auto surprises of this decade! The reputation of this popular Montreal compact car is well established. Quebec already adores the Mazda3. Now add all-wheel-drive to the menu and you’ll drive safely no matter the conditions!

This latest version of the 3 incorporates all the know-how of the last 3 generations. The distinctive SKYACTIV-G and G Vectoring Control Plus, as well as the low rpm torque give it the sporty performance that is distinctive to Mazda vehicles.

Want the best hatchback on the West Island? The all-new Mazda3 Sport AWD will have people talking!

Interior and safety features

Slip into the 2020 Mazda3 AWD and you’ll first discover an 8.8-inch screen front and center on the dashboard. The control knob and its infotainment system have been redesigned, making them now even easier to use. This stunning compact is even ready to take care of you. Imagine this: it’s late, you’re driving along the 440 in Laval or the 40 in Saint-Laurent. Your eyelids are starting to droop. Its DAA (Driver Attention Alert) system will sound an alert to help keep your attention on the road.


Just look around you. Compact cars with all-wheel drive are few and far between. And there’s only one that will get you to the top of the hill. The Mazda i-Activ technology improves road handling and give its AWD vehicles incomparable grip on the road. The all-wheel drive Mazda3 reacts to road conditions thanks to its sensors that evaluate road conditions 200 times per second. And because this technology intelligently transmits torque to the correct wheels, you’ll have 4x4 behaviour that is typical of all-terrain vehicles, but with a minimal fuel consumption.


The 2020 Mazda3 AWD is ready to pounce thanks to its famous Skyactiv X engine, the latest Japanese development in terms of power and torque. That means compression ignition and a combustion similar to a diesel engine. Skyactiv X and Skyactiv G are synonymous with power, fuel efficiency and reliability.

Keep an eye out for more information about this upcoming model! Don’t forget to ask for more information about our financing offers and Mazda promotions.

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