Buying or leasing a Mazda? How to make a choice?

May 24 2019,

Buying or leasing a Mazda? How to make a choice?

Should I lease or buy a Mazda car or SUV? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options? We offer you some answers.

After seeing the new Mazda vehicles, for sale in Montreal near Laval at your Spinelli Mazda dealership, you wonder if you should rather buy or lease the CX-5 that interests you. Mazda promotions and Mazda financing plans are interesting. What should you do?

The decision to buy or lease your Mazda vehicle near Châteauguay depends on your needs and goals. We offer you some indications that can serve as a framework for your reflection.

Here are some advantages to buying a Mazda vehicle, for sale in Montreal at your Spinelli Mazda dealership in the West Island:

  • you can browse the mileage you want with your CX-9 or MX-5;
  • insurance is cheaper than renting your vehicle;
  • once you have paid all your monthly payments, the vehicle belongs to you.

On the other hand, the purchase of a Mazda vehicle, for sale in Montreal, near Châteauguay and the South Shore, may have some disadvantages:

  • monthly payments are higher than when leasing;
  • the vehicle depreciates by approximately 10% per year;
  • your vehicle loses 30% to 40% of its value as soon as you leave the dealership.

Mazda leasing, near Laval and Montreal, also has several advantages:

  • the monthly payments are cheaper than the purchase;
  • you can choose a more luxurious vehicle by leasing a CX-9 instead of buying a Mazda 6 or by renting a 2019 CX-3 instead of buying a used Mazda, near the South Shore;
  • leasing allows you to sign a short-term contract; so you can easily change your Mazda SUV for an MX-5 RF if you want to drive a convertible in the summer.

But Mazda leasing also has its drawbacks:

  • there is a charge if you damage the vehicle and if you exceed the mileage allowed;
  • interest rates are higher than when purchased;
  • insurance costs more;
  • at the end of the leasing, the vehicle does not belong to you.

So, before deciding whether to buy or lease your Mazda vehicle, simply take the time to think about your needs and goals.

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